Wollinstraße 9 - 15, 24782 Büdelsdorf

Our location in Büdelsdorf with about 40,000 square meters (more than half of which is built on or covered by eight warehouses), two large computer-controlled drying chambers, sawing and planing systems, an import and wholesale office and an operations office.

ecopark-Allee 24, 49685 Emstek

The reestablishment of Emstek branch to the existing location Büdelsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein is intended to secure the stability of HHL GmbH. Our grown structures and existing networks allow us to look forward to expand our services in Niedersachsen. There are none  comparable wood shop around this area. This is how regional craftsmen, industrial companies and timber dealers have to purchase material from greater distances and can´t be cost-effective and flexible serve pending orders. HHL GmbH is planning to close this gap with the location in the ecopark in Emstek. The number of employees will be increased and more warehouses will be added.